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Manchester Jazz Festival

Typography-based event marketing for Manchester Jazz Festival, asking the public to re-think Jazz.

Whilst working at Marketecture (now UPP B2B) I was asked to create a new concept and visual identity for the 2016 Manchester Jazz Festival. During the research phase I was surprised to discover that the Jazz Festival was not as cliche I expected, but a progressive and multi-faceted festival embracing many different styles of music - this inspired my idea to 'Rethink Jazz', informing the visual identity with its fractured and layered graphic style.

With support from Manchester Council and the Arndale we also had the opportunity to advertise in key areas around the city including the huge digital screen beneath the food court and on digital and print totems along Market Street, Piccadilly Gardens and the Mancunian Way.

Besides outdoor and online marketing I produced an A5 programme with detailed biographies of artists performing throughout the festival, with interviews and adverts from partners. I also designed t-shirts which were sold in the Arndale and badges that were given away as freebies.

Agency: Upp B2B

Client: Manchester Jazz Festival
Creative Direction: Anthony Jones

Concept / Design & Art Direction / Animation: Arron Tierney

Digital Director: Jasper Hegarty-Ditton

Project Management: Emily Beasley

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