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Social media video campaign to raise awareness of PetSafe products leading up to the Christmas period.

Every day for 12 days in December, a video was released featuring a cat or dog that couldn't wait to tear open their gifts early. Facebook users could win products shown in each of the videos by liking, commenting and sharing with friends.

The video shoot only took one day, but it was hard work. When people say don't work with children or animals, they're not wrong. It was great fun though and most of our four legged models were co-operative enough to help us get the shots we needed in time. 

Being an International brand, working in different markets, PetSafe decided to run the competition in the UK, Australia, Canada and France so I was required to produced both English and French versions of all 12 videos.

Agency: UppB2B

Client: PetSafe

Creative Direction: Anthony Jones

Concept / Design & Art Direction / Editing: Arron Tierney

Videography: Robert Groves & Emma Phillipson

Copywriting: Matt Duxbury

Wrapping Paper Design: Craig Foster

Project Management: Charlotte Howard

Talent: Rusty, Spock, Patch, George, Milo, Sophie and Isaac

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