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Elevating the custom merchandise brand Streamline with still-life photography, stop-frame animation, a new website and social media marketing.

Streamline are one of the UK's largest custom merchandise production companies, creating branded merchandise such as drinkware, gadgets, clothing and print for clients of all kinds. After going through a branding workshop with us, we identified that Streamline needed to position themselves as an extension of their clients creative agency and less of a commodity. To stand apart from the companies producing cheap throw-away merchandise, we needed a way to show that Streamline's range of products and services are of a higher quality. 

After curating a new set of collections with the client we selected featured products and shot them on grey plinths with a grey background, giving us the flexibility to change the background colour to whatever we chose and most importantly, keeping shoot costs and complexity to a minimum. 

Some of the items lent themselves well to motion, so we employed a stopframe technique to demonstrate variants or functionality of the products.

I then used these assets to create a completely new responsive website and marketing materials for LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. 

So far, the brand refresh has worked brilliantly for Streamline, providing them with much higher quality customer leads through our improved site SEO and ongoing social media and pay-per-click marketing. 

Agency: Elastic Creative

Client: Streamline

Creative Direction: Lauren Rennet

Design & Art Direction / Storyboarding / Animation: Arron Tierney

Editing / Animation: Pamela Gray

Photography: Laurence Winram

Web Development: Ian Morgan

Copywriting / Digital Marketing: Patrick Cumming

SEO / PPC: Michael Milne

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