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Lime World & British Airways

Marketing campaign designed to increase British Airways bookings through Lime World.

Lime World & British Airways came to us with a brief to create a new digital marketing campaign to help promote new flight routes and offers. I came up with the concept of "Giving you more ways to say Yes" - something all booking agents would like to say to their customers.

Once the client signed off the concept I commissioned and briefed illustrator Dave Birtwhistle to refine and build upon my concept sketches in his unique style.

With these illustrations I was then able to create email designs for Lime to send out to their database of travel agents to inform them of the campaign and the competition, leading them to the campaign landing page I designed. Here booking agents could learn about the flight updates and then play a quick and easy game at the end.

The Yes/No game was based on the mechanic of true or false, giving us the opportunity to educate booking agents on British Airways updates through a fairly easy set of 10 yes or no questions. Participants were also asked about their dream destination and asked to make a certain amount of bookings though Lime in order to enter the prize draw.

Once the competition closed, Lime chose 3 winners which I then created bespoke prize packs for. This involved sourcing suitcase boxes, stuffing, champagne and other goodies plus creating bespoke stickers and three different maps for New Orleans, USA, Tallinn, Estonia and Murcia, Spain with tips on visiting the destinations.

  • The Q4 campaign generated interactions with 130 agents, contributing to a 14% uplift in passengers booked.

  • 35% of those that visited the microsite entered the competition – a total of just over 140 competition entries.

  • Given that players had to get all ten questions right to enter, this points to a highly engaged audience who fully understood the benefits of the new service updates.

Agency: Upp B2B

Client: Lime World & British Airways
Creative Direction: Anthony Jones

Concept / Design & Art Direction: Arron Tierney
Copywriting: Matt Duxbury

Illustration: Dave Birtwhistle

Project Management: Mel Daggett

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